June 14, 2024

Ethan, aka E-Bassman, is a veteran in the music industry. After picking up his instrument of choice at the age of five, he has become an unstoppable musical force. He started his illustrious career at age eight joining the family band The Amazing Farmer Singers From there, he has then gone on to work with the likes of Janet Jackson, Patti LaBelle, and most recently wrapping up a tour with Lionel Richie. However, Ethan felt it was time for him to express his personal viewpoints through the musical vehicle and  launched his solo career.

The single “Watch” off of Wine & Strings has been climbing its way up the smooth jazz charts. When listening to this single, you’ll find yourself entranced by its pulsating bass slapping overtones. It provides a fresh new sound that any jazz-funk admirer is eager to find. “Watch” has an energetic beat that will leave you wanting more of Ethan’s infectious jazz, funk and soul sound. The EP gave way to Ethan being asked to perform at the upcoming Bash Bash during NAMM at the end of January.

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