July 10, 2024

Dave LeMieux and House of Soul artfully explores jazz and its soulful Gospel kinship with their latest release, Jazz Shaped. Just as Coltrane explored his inner spirituality through jazz, Dave LeMieux and House of Soul has not only created their own expression of beloved standards by Miles and Coltrane, but has added their own voices to the jazz chorus with their original material of jazz, blues and neo soul recordings.

With Jazz Shaped, Dave LeMieux and House of Soul has succeeded in approaching jazz with the passion, conviction and celebration traditionally reserved for Gospel music alone. In the spirit of true improvisation, this 14-piece ensemble recorded Jazz Shaped at Denver’s premier music venue, the Soiled Dove before a live audience . . . the energy, enthusiasm and magnetism of whichis evident throughout the recording.

Each track on Jazz Shaped is a potential invitation for listeners to experience the joys, pains, hopes and blues of the jazz journey.

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