July 10, 2024

In the age of the trilogy, Lebo’s Don’t Call Her Larry, Vol. 3: American Roots continues to explore the depths of American Roots music. She reinterprets her songbook in a duet setting, featuring herself and bassist Denny Croy (Doug MacLeod, Brian Setzer Orchestra).

Stripped down to an organic setting, the vocalist creates vivid imagery with her texturally diverse vocal styling. In an age where singers are manipulated with technology and slick production, Lebo goes bar-room-raw, minimal, and shows us exactly what she can do.

In addition, she has penned new works. They are American Roots hybrids of acoustic jazz/blues, western swing, and a heart wrenching folk tribute to the sudden loss of her dearly loved yellow Labrador Retriever, titled “Rose, Rose.”

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