July 10, 2024

Vocalist Ron Gil, guitarist John Stein and pianist Gilad Barkan recorded Turn Up The Quiet at WGBH Radio in Boston in the spring of 2009.

Ron Gil and John Stein find their love of fine songs and turn them to dancing with words, lofting pretty chords, and capturing passionate ideas about togetherness. Collaboration – so often a tricky treat, a windy street – they negotiate openhandedly with wit and diplomacy . . . Stein, a subtle and sensitive guitarist, has many sharp arrows in his quiver, with varied, song-rich albums and an enduring presence in Boston’s lively jazz scene. He can make a note sing and a chord ring like Kenny Burrell, and always thinks “melody first” . . . Few singers in my ken capture the innocent simplicity of great songs as well as Ron Gill. His voice is immediately endearing and convincing: his blatant honesty charms the dots off snake-eyes . . . Three’s no crowd with their inviting aboard Gilad Barkan’s bright voice on piano. Check out his nifty melodizing . . . and his earthy interplay with Stein’s bass. (Fred Bouchard, from the liner notes)

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