June 14, 2024
Guitarist Kevin Eubanks showcases the breadth of his artistic influences on his new Mack Avenue Records release titled The Messenger. The recording also features members of Eubanks core quartet Billy Pierce on reeds, Rene Camacho on bass, and Marvin “Smitty” Smith on drums. Special guests include Joey De Leon, Alvin Chea and Kevin’s brothers Robin and Duane Eubanks.
Kevin wrote all but two tracks and gives his listeners several ways to enjoy his music. “The Messenger” opens the set and it’s filled with Eubanks’ musical personality as he offers a range of moods, textures and tempos. He’s funky on “JB” (a nod to James Brown) and has given a new twist of funk to John Coltrane’s “Resolution.” Alvin Chea sings the vocal bass line, Kevin plays a dynamic solo and this song gets new life and is thoroughly entertaining.  Kevin changes directions again and reveals the reflective side of his creativity on “Sister Veil,” “Queen of Hearts,” “Loved Ones,” and “The Gloaming.”  An exceptional performance by Duane Eubanks on trumpet and Billy Pierce on reeds permeates the haunting beauty of “Sister Veil.” Here Kevin adds his guitar with a wah-wah solo that will stay with you long after the track is over.
Overall, The Messenger is a project that not only showcases the exemplary technical prowess of Kevin Eubanks and his band, but it is soulful, energetic, and emotional and represents the best of Kevin Eubanks. Click HERE to buy this CD now.

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Sounds of Timeless Jazz

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