June 14, 2024

When you’re young, five or six years can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes the road is rocky, sometimes it’s full of good fortune. Most times it’s a little of both. But no matter what the terrain, the traveler who keeps her eyes and ears – and her heart – open to the world will inevitably learn something along the way.

Every girl dreams. But, in the case of relationships – dreams don’t always work out in the way one might have imagined. More often than not, they don’t. Erin Boheme is every girl. For the first five years of her “dating” life, the right things just didn’t seem to materialize – but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Often times getting to the dance might be easy, but it never guarantees you a successful dance.

So – for five years her relationships never seemed to gel – the right paths never crossed. The waiting time was exasperating. “But, as I reflect and look forward,” Erin says. “I really appreciate it all – the loves, the losses, the heartaches, and the passion – most of all the dreams, whether they come true or not, they all have joined forces to help form the beginning of my adult life – and ‘What A Life’ this will be”.

What A Life is more than just “the next album.” It’s also the next chapter in the evolution of an artist who took her first steps in front of the entire world at a young age and continues to discover the richness and potential of her own voice and her own muse. What A Life is set for release on Heads Up International, a division of Concord Music Group.

Erin Boheme was originally signed to Concord as a jazz singer at the young age of seventeen. When Michael Bublé heard her, he discovered something more – Erin’s incredible songwriting abilities and her individuality at expressing herself about relationships in music. He also uncovered her talent as a pop singer – portraying Erin in the same light as one of her all-time heroes: Carly Simon. Similarly, Erin can be and is a pop voice for her own generation.

“After hearing a few examples of the songs I wrote, Bublé and John Burk (Chief Creative Officer and label head for Concord) encouraged me to keep writing,” says Erin. “So the album developed into a more raw, very singer-songwriter type of project: a chronicle of my life so far.”

The album’s exploratory nature is propelled by Bublé’s touring band, which serves as her backup unit throughout the ten tracks. The roster includes pianist Alan Chang (who was also a co-producer on the project), guitarist Dino Meheghin, bassist Craig Polasko and drummer Robb Perkins. An added string section brings a stirring emotional layer to some of the more intimate songs in the set.

The chemistry between this talented young frontwoman and her supporting cast is compelling from start to finish, beginning with the swampy country backbeat of the opening track, Everyone But Me, which is very reminiscent of the great Chris Isaak’s sound. Perkins sets up a thumping pattern as Boheme’s sensual vocals ride alongside Meheghin’s crunchy fretwork.

“Everyone But Me was the story of my life. ‘nuf said!,” Erin writes in the liner notes. “I felt inspired to write I Missed You Today by love’s daunting partner: distance. Distance shines such a bright light on all of those things about the person you miss – their little quirks, habits, traits – all adding up to the one you loved. Coldplay’s great song In My Place, captures so brilliantly in five single words, what every lonely girl feels: ‘How long must you wait?’ I can’t tell you how much I’ve personally connected with this song.”

“Whenever romance gets stressful, doesn’t everyone think ‘well, why don’t you just try being me for a while?’ I wrote In My Shoes as an anthem for those moments, girls.”

“The Last Time is a David Foster song that makes me smile every time I sing it – because it is for the guy who I think is finally ‘the one.'”

“Sometimes the two most difficult words to say are ‘I Do’ – which is why I wrote these words over and over and over again…because when it finally happens, those two words are the easiest ones to say – and you just have sing them: I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do!”

“Who could ever measure up to that one guy who captured your heart, but let it go? The rebound guy never wins, cause He Isn’t You.”

“The very worst part about falling in love is falling out of love – and that is always a possibility. But I wanted to write this song for everyone, just to say that everything is not always lost – that we should try again, because perhaps, just perhaps – the second time will be even sweeter than the first. Never lose hope – give it One More Try.”

“One night I found myself sitting at the piano feeling melancholy. The magic of this piano is that it had belonged to the great Henry Mancini – and I imagined him sitting here, writing those brilliant melodies about Holly Golightly inBreakfast at Tiffany’s. Miraculously, within 20 minutes I had written a complete song- What A Life – which spoke of my love, my life, my hopes and my dreams – where I could clearly see that special someone ‘waitin’ round the bend’ for me.”

“I’d Love To Be Your Last is a song first sung by Miranda Lambert, that Michael felt would make a terrific duet – and a great ending to this CD. I think it was the perfect way to leave you – singing with the wonderful Spencer Day, and singing about the very moment that you look at someone, and you know in your heart that they’re the one you were always on your way to. To use an old phrase: ‘the past is only prologue’ – and I can’t wait to write the rest of the story.”

For Erin, What A Life has been five years in the making. But, like fine wine- special things can take a little extra time to reach their zenith. Michael Bublé found a rare gem in the talents of a girl named Boheme, and presents her here, for your consideration. This is her musical diary: a peek into the heart of a girl who is destined to live a most extraordinary life.

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