June 17, 2024

My Foolish HeartMy Foolish Heart
Rebecca Parris
(Koch Jazz – 2001)
by Matthew S. Robinson

With the winds of an international distributor behind her once more, Boston’s undisputed queen of Jazz is ready to set sail for farther shores in her continuing conquest of deserving ears and willing hearts. Forgoing her signature scat and energizing pacings, Parris uses her fireplace voice to warm and warn herself and her fellow lovers before they venture forth once more into the romantic unknown.

While “Never Let Me Go” plaintively pleads for known security, “If You Could See Me Now” tries vainly (or perhaps “Vaughan-ly”) to put on a brave face after the love is gone, leaving Parris to unlock her inner needs with the after hours keys of “Lover Man.” Despite such rhythmic recollections of past loss and pain, Parris goes forth once more with a full-hearted whisper of “Body and Soul.”

Though her vocal acrobatics sometimes get away from her, Parris is able to wrap each note in her experienced cords, letting them out only when they are truly ready. The intimate expression of this personal collection is not a dream that will fade and fall apart. This time, it’s love, Parris style.

© 2001, M.S. Robinson, ARR

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