June 14, 2024
Steve Kuhn Trio
Mostly Coletrane
ECM – 2010
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Mostly Coletrane is one magnificent homage to the legendary John Coltrane. As the pianist with Coltrane for a brief eight weeks at the Jazz Gallery in 1960, Steve Kuhn remembers those nights with respectful renditions of such great Coltrane songs as “Welcome,” “Song of Praise,” and “Crescent.” 

Joined by Joe Lovano on tenor saxophone and tarogato, David Finck on double bass and Joey Baron on drums, Steve Kuhn brings a mature feeling to the music. Just 21 when he initially played with Coltrane, Kuhn now realizes and certainly understands the depth and immense spirituality of Coltrane’s music and brings it from the past century with new relevance to our present century. On “Welcome,” and throughout the program, the quartet plays the music with deep respect and love.

Lovano’s blowing is priceless, passionate, resonant, and freely spoken through burnished melodies and awesome improvisations. Kuhn’s quartet really brings it together on 13 great songs.  Although Coltrane’s great pianists – Elvin Jones and his wife Alice Coltrane- have been documented as two of the greatest pianists to ever play with Coltrane, Kuhn, with his new gathering of Coltrane followers, has earned a place next to them. MOSTLY COLTRANE is an awesome recording and one that should be in your collection

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