July 10, 2024

Arthur LipnerArthur Lipner
Modern Vibe
(Jazzheads – 2004)
by John Thompson

Stay with me on this one. Jazz category, starring a Vibes and Marimba player, the opening song, the ever popular Love the One You’re With. Also included: Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, and Ain’t  No Sunshine. No way! Way. Vibist Arthur Lipner presents us with a very nice release which features some stellar 80’s style soft fusion.

The 10 songs are non-acoustic, featuring some fusion-esque vamps and smooth-like finger pop jazz with electric guitars, basses, keyboards and drums. REAL DRUMS !!  These fellas bring fresh, proactive energy to the music, with the type of force usually found in live performances.

Let’s Stay Together is done at nearly break-neck speed, Love The One You’re With is performed up-tempo funky, and both are well arranged. Mood Vibe should be receiving national air play on smooth jazz stations, but the flaw may be that the arrangement is not simple enough. Flor De Lis and Blue Tango are Island-flavored delights. This is one for the collection that does not land in the ho-hum, and will surprise many whom aren’t familiar with Lipner. 4 stars.

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