June 17, 2024
Kyle Eastwood
Mack Avenue – 2009
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Kyle Eastwood gets down to some great jazz business on Metropolitan and you’re going to love this one people. This recording was co-produced by Erin Davis, (yes the son of the great Miles Davis), and Eastwood’s long time writing partner Michael Stevens.  It brings Kyle Eastwood’s musical integrity into a brilliant spotlight that illuminates his songwriting, acoustic and electric bass genius as well as his comprehension of the various styles of this great art form.

Eastwood co-wrote eight of the ten songs on the CD and each song is clean, cool and resonates right down to your tone centers. Opening with “Metropolitan,” a smooth and soulful song written by Eastwood, Stevens and Davis, Eastwood features French vocalist Camille on backing vocals alongside his infamous electric bass, Till Bronner on trumpet, Manu Katche on drums, Eric Legnini on acoustic and electric piano – all great musicians who help to shoulder the workload.

Bronner offers a great trumpet solo that is sure to get this song a lot of airplay around the world because of its passionate resemblance to Miles Davis’ electrifying playing. Eastwood changes directions and adds more colors and textures on “Bold Changes,” a mid-tempo song that features Graeme Blevins’ soulful and burnished tenor saxophone playing alongside Bronner’s muted trumpet. All the while Eastwood is holding down the rhythm logic and does it with such subtle flavoring that you find yourself immersed in his subliminal moods and understated voicings.

“Black Light” also provides a great place for Bronner to exercise his cool chops a la Miles Davis. This song is among the best on the CD. But don’t ever think Eastwood isn’t locked and loaded on any of these songs. “Bel Air,” a piano, bass and drums gem, provides the perfect vehicle for Eastwood’s notched up bass chops and Eric Legnini’s piano finesse. Changing directions again, one of the prettiest songs on the CD is “Song For You.” Andrew McCormack’s gentle piano grace is simply mesmerizing and provides a serene sense of peace and relaxation.

Given the right attention this song could easily become a pop or jazz standard because of the lovely melody. Overall, Metropolitan tops Eastwood’s previous recordings and is the best jazz recording in Eastwood’s burgeoning repertoire. A MUST HAVE for all jazz collectors.

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