June 17, 2024

Jackie AllenJackie Allen
Love Is Blue
(A440 – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

Blue is a color of many sentiments. Hundreds of songwriters and musicians have been inspired by its various shades and have included it in their musical repertoires and titles. Some that instantly come to mind are Coltrane’s Blue Train, Miles Davis’ “Blue In Green,” Wynton Marsalis’ Soul Gestures In Southern Blue, Fats Waller‘s “Black and Blue,” Thelonious Monk’s “Blue Monk,” “Blue Moon,” Karrin Allyson’s In Blue and a host of others.

Jackie Allen’s take on blue is familiar – one that advocates that Love Is Blue. Her low-keyed, somber songs on this stellar interpretation of life’s most misunderstood emotion will have your finger on rewind so as not to miss her resonant, heartfelt interpretations. She covers the title track – one that went to Number 1 in the 60s and is closely associated with French composer/bandleader Paul Mauriat- in English with passion and with the full range of love-gone-wrong sentiments.

Allen’s unforgettable voice has more resonance, pitch and nuance than many of those from her generation. You can be sure that Love Is Blue is a marvelous disc and Allen’s colorful “blue” notes will tantalize your senses.

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