July 10, 2024

George CablesGeorge Cables
Looking For The Light
(Muse Fx – 2004)
by Paula Edelstein

Pianist George Cables is in top form on eight of his latest compositions. Recorded with Gary Bartz, Peter White and Victor Lewis, Looking For The Light sums up several of Cables’ recent musical inspirations – both positive and negative. The idea to create a classic jazz quartet works quite well and this mix of up-tempo post bop and gorgeous ballads provides the consummate vehicle for Cables’ piano finesse.

Gary Bartz offers several great solos that provide additional weight to Cables’ compositions and his art as a jazz improviser is captured here with spirit. Cable’s seemingly effortless cascades of notes across the keyboards and imagination that is as fast as his fingers is worth several listens – especially on “Klimo,” and “Tasshi‘s Night Out.”

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