June 17, 2024
Euge GrooveEuge Groove
Livin’ Large
(Narada – 2004)
by Ray Redmond

Euge Groove (A.K.A. Steve Grove) is kind of like a talented Kenny G. without all the fruity stuff. Euge lays down some good solid sax with a flair for the smooth and an ear for the hooks. His first single “Vinyl” was the longest charting single on the R&R NAC/Smooth Jazz chart with 27 weeks and it ranked number 24 for 2001, which was the highest debut single ever. Euge was picked the number one “Breakout” artist of 2001 as well. Now signed with Narada, Groove is at it again with Livin’ Large. His cover of Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight is sweet and lovely, a good choice for the first track. Sly Stones Higher is infused with a gut level funk and that certain Euge groove… if you don’t know what that is you really should quit missin’ and take a listen, you too could be Livin’ Large.

His take on annother Sly track Thank You darts into rap/jazz featuring hip-hop vocalist JBS, but the rest of the CD stays pretty much in the smooth jazz vein, and quite deliciously I might add. Or should I say Caboliciously? Cabolicious is my favorite on this fabulous CD which was produced by one of the best in the business… Paul Brown. There’s also some nice guitar work on the CD by another smooth jazz guitar vet, Paul Jackson, Jr. as well as good contributions from percussionist Luis Cont√©.

Visit the Euge Groove web site.

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