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Jazz Summit: November 5 – 8

The 1997 JazzTimes Convention, Hosted by JazzTimes Magazine at the New Jersey Meadowlands, focuses on the State of today’s Jazz Industry.

Virtually every aspect of the jazz world will be addressed, evaluated and debated at the 1997 JazzTimes Convention, November 5 – 8, which takes place at the ITT Sheraton Hotel Meadowlands in New Jersey. The world-renowned and respected gathering will feature over 800 participants from around the globe, representing all facets of the jazz “industry”. This is the place to keep up with the latest developments in jazz music, a vital and ever-evolving art form.

Over 30 informative and entertaining panels and workshops on a wide range of industry topics offer a unique overview of the state of the jazz business by those who are making the important decisions. Topics include:”Selling Jazz in the New Millennium”; “The Future of Jazz Radio”; “Real World Perspectives on Jazz and the Internet”; “Retailers Roundtable”; “Tourism, Cities & Jazz Festivals”; “Anatomy of a Record Contract”; “Legends of Jazz Radio”; “Jazz & the Alternative Audience”; “Secrets of Guerrilla Fundraising”; “Jazz in the Mainstream Media” and more. A complete schedule follows.

The Convention’s Guest of Honor is pianist Marian McPartland, the well known pianist, educator and producer/host of the acclaimed National Public Radio program “Piano Jazz”. The England-born McPartland came to America shortly after World War II, making a name for herself in the New York jazz scene. She hasn’t stopped since, performing and recording with the best musicians on over 50 recordings. She’s won numerous honors, including the Peabody Award and the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award. Additionally she hold honorary doctorates from Ithaca, Bates and Union colleges. Marian McPartland is up to date and always ready for something new and innovative.

The legendary Max Roach will be this year’s Keynote Speaker. Max’s career in jazz spans over 50 years of innovation and influence. From his early days on 52nd Street to recent explorations with his own quartet, the percussion ensemble M’Boom and a host of multi-disciplinary collaborations, Max continues to be on the cutting edge of the jazz scene. Recipient of the coveted MacArthur grant, he has always been one of the music’s most outspoken and heroic voices, and is certain to provide an inspirational presentation.

Welcoming the attendees will be U.S. Congressman John Conyers, Jr., who 10 years ago introduced House Resolution 57, which declared jazz a “National Treasure”. Long known as the “Jazz Congressman”, Conyers is sure to talk about how far jazz has come and where it’s going.

There will be plenty of live music events with showcase performances held at the ITT Sheraton, sponsored by Blue Note, Telarc, Justin Time, Warner Brothers, Concord, RCA Victor and MAMA. Among the artists already confirmed to appear this year are Dave Brubeck & Sons; Pat Martino; The Concord/ Stretch Records All-Star Band featuring Randy Brecker, Bob Berg & John Patitucci; Tom Harrell; D.D.Jackson & Jeri Brown; and the B-Sharp Jazz Quartet. In addition there is the JazzTimes NightTimes program; paid registrants with a Convention badge get free or discounted admission into selected shows at several of Manhattan’s finest nightclubs.

To inquire about press credentials, information about and/or interviews with 1997 JazzTimes Convention participants contact Michael Bloom Media Relations at the numbers below. San Francisco: Tel: (415)-647-4931 Fax: -4932 New York: Tel: (212)-332-0247 E-mail:
A complete schedule of events and participants follows. 1997 JazzTimes Convention Schedule of Events

  Wednesday, November 5    11:00 AM - 7:00 PM	Registration    1:00 PM - 2:15 PM	Panel Session - "Selling Jazz in the New Millennium"  A look at the changing world of marketing and distribution.  Ricky Schultz (Zebra) - moderator; Mike Charlasch (Verve); Len Cosimano  (Borders); Eric Fiedner (N2K/Music Boulevard; Other panelists TBA.    3:00 PM - 4:15 PM	Panel Session - "One Man's Lifetime"  		A look at Tony Williams' contributions to the jazz legacy from   		the perspective  of fellow jazz drummers.  Bill Milkowski (JazzTimes) - moderator; Carl Allen; Other panelists TBA.    4:30 PM - 6:30 PM	Jazz Casino Royale  Sponsored by Columbia Jazz    6:30 PM - 10:00 PM Showcase Performances  		 Pat Martino 	Sponsored by Blue Note  		 Artist TBA    10:30 PM - 2:00 AM Late Nite Jazz Jam (in Hotel Lobby) with  		 the Steve Million/Matt Wilson band.    Thursday, November 6    9:30 - 10:45 AM	Panel Session - "Eyes on the Prize"  		A discussion of the various movements to promote jazz through   		umbrell organizations and awards shows.  Neil Tesser - moderator; Tom Carter (Thelonious Monk Institute); Michael  Dorf (Knitting Factory); Suzan Jenkins (Jazz Heritage Program/Smithsonian);  Holly Rosum (NARM); Brad Stone (KSJS)      11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Welcoming Address by John Conyers  		   Keynote Address by Max Roach    2:30 - 4:30 PM	 Workshops (4)  		"Can The Truth Be Sold?" Retailers roundtable.  Mitch Satalof (Hired Gun Marketing) - moderator; Jim Freeman (HMV); Steve  Harmon (Tower); Joe Horowitz (J&R); Jessica Sendra (Borders); Other  panelists TBA.    		"No Station Is An Island" The potential for collaborations for jazz   		radio  stations in the community, nation and world.  Evelynn Hawkins (WDUQ) - moderator; Cephas Bowles (WBGO); Scott Willis  (KLON); Linda Yohn (WEMU); Other panelists TBA.    		"The 60 Minute Manager" A primer on artist management.  Gail Boyd (Gail Boyd Artist Management) - moderator; Karen Kennedy (24/7  Mgt.);Ed Gerard (Dream Street Mgt.); Dollie McLean (Artists Collective);  Benny Golson.    		"Those Who Can, Teach and Play" A guide to getting work   		as a clinician or  artist-in-residence at colleges and high schools.  SPONSORED BY IAJE  Bill McFarlin (IAJE) - moderator; John Fedchock; Jon Faddis; Rufus Reid;  Jane Ira Bloom.    4:30 - 6:45 PM	Workshops (4)  		"It's Not Old, It's Classic!"  		Effective strategies for selling catalog and reissue product.  Joe Micallef (Allegro) - moderator; Michael Lang (Verve); Jerry Gordon  (Evidence); Other panelists TBA.    		"Tourism, Cities & Jazz Festivals"  		How to better match jazz festivals and events with tourism.  Frank Malfitano (Syracuse Jazz Fest) - moderator; Ramona Oliver (PECO  Energy Festival/PCVB); Caroline Jamet (Montreal Jazz Festival); Other  panelists TBA.    		"Anatomy of a Record Contract"  		The effect of the marketing and distribution of recordings   		upon the modern recording contract.  Alan Bergman - moderator; Ed Arrendell (IMG); Art Weiner; Other panelists  TBA.    		"High Frequency"  		A conversation with some of the legends of jazz radio.   Steve Schwartz (WGBH) - moderator; Joel Dorn; Nat Hentoff; Sam Jackson;  Bob Porter.    6:30 - 10:00 PM	Showcase Performances  		Dave Brubeck & Sons 	Sponsored by Telarc  		D.D. Jackson & Jeri Brown     Sponsored by Justin Time    10:30 PM 	Late Nite Special Event in Manhattan  		T.S. Monk at Birdland, sponsored by N2K/Encoded Music.  		Seating limited - first come, first serve. RSVP 212-378-6171      10:30 PM - 2:00 AM	Late Nite Jazz Jam  (in  hotel lobby) with  		the Steve Million/Matt Wilson band.    Friday, November 7    9:30 - 10:45 AM     	Panel Session - "Jazz in the Mainstream"  		A discussion of coverage of jazz in non-jazz media, including   		print, radio and television.  Don Lucoff (DL Media) - moderator; Alexis George (CBS Sunday Morning);  David Hajdu (Entertainment Weekly); Leanne Hanson (NPR); Daniel Okrent  (Time, Inc.); Other panelists TBA.    10:00 AM - 12 Noon Meeting of National Jazz Network Presenters  		 (closed session)    11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Tribute to the Guest of Honor Marian McPartland  Dan Morgenstern - moderator; Bill Crow; Murray Horwitz (NPR); Other  panelists TBA.    2:30 - 4:30 PM	Workshops  (3)  		"The Founding Fathers of the Jazz Business"  		A discussion with some of the senior members of the jazz   		industry fraternity.  Al Pryor - moderator; George Avakian; Joe Fields; Bruce Lundvall (Blue  Note); Other panelists TBA.    		"Playing Local, Thinking Global"  		Viable strategies for regional artists  Willard Jenkins (Open Sky) - moderator; Stephanie Ancona (New England  Foundation of the Arts); Russ Gershon (Accurate); Janis Lane-Ewart; Brad  Borg (Igmod).    		"Jazz in Holland"  		An overview of the jazz scene in the Netherlands.  Co De Kloet (NPS- Dutch Radio) - moderator; Paul Dankmeyer (North Sea Jazz  Festival); Anne de Jong (Challenge); Other panelists TBA.    3:00 - 5:00 PM	Meeting of WESTAF Jazz Presenters  		(Open session between 4:00 and 5:00 PM)    4:30 - 6:45 PM	Workshops (4)  		"Real World Perspectives for Jazz on the Internet"  		DIY web sites & home pages geared to the small   		organization or individual artist.  Lee Cohen (JazzNet) - moderator; Seth Abramson (Chriss & Co.); Lois Gilbert  (Jazz Corner); Sibyl Golden (Postcards); Mel Martin; Michael Dorf (Knitting  Factory).    		"Generation X Is Calling"  		Jazz & the Alternative Audience.  Joe Pignato (BMG Classics) - moderator; Tom Evered (Blue Note); Other  panelists TBA    		"Hip Hype"  		Publicity strategies for festivals and events.  Helene Greece (Third Floor Media) - moderator; Susie Arons (Susan Arons &  Associates); Paul Fingerote (Monterey Jazz Festival); Caroline Jamet  (Montreal Jazz Festival).    		"The Glass Ceiling Shatters"  		Women in the business of jazz share ideas and strategies ....   		and men are welcome too!  Deb Moore (WCLK) - moderator; Panelists TBA.    6:30 - 10:00 PM	Showcase Performances  		Wallace Roney Quintet     Sponsored by Warner Brothers  		All Star Band featuring Bob Berg, Randy Brecker &  		John Patitucci     Sponsored by Concord Jazz    10:30 PM - 2:00 AM	Late Nite Jazz Jam (in hotel lobby)with  		the Steve Million/Matt Wilson band    Saturday, November 8    9:30 - 10:45 AM      	Panel Session  - "Secrets of Guerrilla Fundraising"  		A primer on some innovative approaches to fundraising   		for artists and presenters.  Dmitri Matheny (Matheny Music) - moderator; Jim Sullivan (Sullivan  Entertainment Services); Other panelists TBA.    10:00 AM - 12 Noon Meeting of the Jazz Journalists Association  		 (Open session between 11:30 AM and 12 Noon)    11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Panel Session - "The Future of Jazz Radio"  		  A look at changing trends in jazz radio and what   		  it needs to do to survive.  Tom Terrell - moderator; Thurston Briscoe (WBGO); Bud Harner (Verve); Ellen  Washington (WJAB); Other panelists TBA.    1:00 PM - 2:30 PM	N2K Encoded Music Reception  		Demonstration of online delivery of music.    2:15 - 4:30 PM	Workshops (5)  		"Look Who's Talking"  		Jazz critics sound off.  Jeff Levenson (Columbia Jazz) - moderator; Panelists TBA.    		"Radioactive Readings"  		The Music Directors' Before & After Test - International Style.  Ross Porter (CBC) - moderator; Dick Conte (KCSM); Other panelists TBA.    		"The Left Comes Center"  		Overcoming the challenges of marketing creative,   		improvisational and avant garde jazz.  Frank Tafuri (Sphere Marketing) - moderator; Tim Berne (Screwgun); Ann  Braithwaite (Braithwaite & Katz); Jodi Howard (Arabesque); Lee Knuth  (Allegro); Bill Shoemaker.    		"Not So Easy Rider"  		A presenters' guide to negotiating performance contracts.  Yvonne Ervin (WESTAF) - moderator; John Gilbreath (Earshot Jazz); Cliff  Hunte (Capital Jazz); Julie Lokin (New Audiences); Bill Royston (Mt. Hood  Jazz Festival).    		"Vocalists are from Venus, Instrumentalists are from Mars"  		Improving the relationship between vocal and instrumental musicians.  Rosanna Vitro - moderator; Gary Bartz; Nnenna Freelon; David Hazeltine;  Mark Murphy.    4:30 - 6:45 PM	Workshops (5)  		"Give Yourself a Record Deal"  		Artist-owned labels share the secrets to their DIY   		successes (and failures).  Bret Primack (JazzTimes) - moderator; Mark Elf (Jen Bay); Ralph Simon  (Postcards); Other panelists TBA.    		"Jammin' in Havana"  		The growing market for jazz from Cuba.  Al Pryor (Blue Jackel) - moderator; Panelists TBA.    		"Learning From Smooth Jazz"  		A discussion of the unique marketing success of the Smooth   		Jazz format and how mainstream jazz can learn from it.  Neal Sapper (New World n Jazz) - moderator; Kent Anderson (N2K Encoded  Music); Frank Cody (Broadcast Architecture); Ricky Schultz (Zebra); Steve  Williams (WQCD); Other panelist TBA.    		"Building Homes for Jazz"  		The evolution of the jazz performing arts center.  Alexa Birdsong (Birdsong Productions) - moderator; Marty Ashby (Manchester  Craftsmens Guild); Pete Douglas (Bach Dynamite & Dancing Society); Helen  Haynes (Clef Club); Tim Jackson (Kuumbwa Jazz Center).    		"Caging the Singing Bird"  		Vocalists and the production and marketing of records.  Ron Gill (WGBH) - moderator; Bob Belden (Blue Note); Rebecca Parris; Nick  Phillips (Concord Jazz); Francois Zalacain (Sunnyside).    6:30 - 10:00 PM	Showcase Performances  		B Sharp Jazz Quartet             Sponsored by MAMA  		Tom Harrell    	Sponsored by RCA Victor    10:30 PM - 2:00 AM	Late Nite Jazz Jam (in hotel lobby) with  		the Steve Million/Matt Wilson band.    

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