July 5, 2024

Annie Kozuch [pronounced Ko’ zuk] was raised in Mexico City, Mexico. After seeing her first professional show at the age of six, she knew she wanted to perform. She sat in on her siblings’ guitar lessons and although she was too young to hold the guitar, she learned to sing all the boleros and mariachis. Encouraged by her parents to “do what makes you happy” she furthered her passion for acting and singing by training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (R.A.D.A.), London, and graduated from Mills College, CA, with a B.A. in Dramatic Arts. After a few years in San Francisco, she moved to New York City.

Ms. Kozuch enjoys a successful broad-based career. Whether in plays, in film or on TV, Ms. Kozuch brings emotional depth and sharp delivery to every role she takes. Reviewers have called her soprano voice “pure” and effortless” and have pointed out that “she acts every tune as well as she sings them.” She has been called a “smart, smart blond” for her ability to find the wit and insight in lyrics.

Her singing repertoire has landed her acclaimed Broadway Pops performances, including Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Tokyo City Symphony Orchestra, New Haven Symphony Orchestra, and Natchez Opera Festival – An Evening of Jazz. In her new release, Here With You, she teamed up with jazz pianist Frank Ponzio and producer Jose Gallegos who bridged her love of the American Songbook with their Jazz and Latin backgrounds. “I found myself going back to all these wonderful jazz standards, boleros and bossa nova. The music and lyrics are authentic and timeless.”

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