July 6, 2024

The old saying, “In the right place, at the right time,” came true for Frank Kimbrough recently when the photographer Jimmy Katz (who now produces and records artists) called him to say he had some studio time available at Avatar Studios in New York City! Needless to say, Kimbrough, the renowned composer / pianist / arranger didn’t need to hesitate and made the gig happen with Masa Kamaguchi on bass and Jeff Hirshfield on drums. The result is the outstanding new release on Palmetto Records titled RUMORS.

The trio plays seven Kimbrough originals as well as the composition “Six” which was composed by Federico Mompou, but adapted and arranged by Frank Kimbrough. The song is impeccable, with Kimbrough’s delicate pianism at the center of this beautiful song. By contrast, “TMI” is somewhat atonal inpassages, has odd time signatures and curious designs. The title track, “Rumors” isa ballad that finds the listener concentrating on Kimbrough’s insightful ideas as well as the thoughtful underscoring by Kamaguchi’s bass lines. Altogether, this is the work of several masters who know their craft well and have no difficulty playing on a moment’s notice.

RUMORS is right up there with AIR, another of Kimbrough’s great works and both CDs should be in your music library.

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