July 9, 2024

Listen to this performance in its entirety and be moved. Not sound bites and samples, but the work as a whole. Not bits and pieces, but an entire rainbow’s arc from beginning to end. Not just skimming the surface, but diving in to sample the depths. This recording captures the collective energy of artists gathered to support the creative work of Ellen Honert.

Her rich palette of vocal colors and nuanced phrasing is supported at every turn by musicians who bring their unique instrumental gifts to bear.

John, Alex, Jose, and Frank provide a flawless foundation with a generous virtuosity that makes this an organic team effort. And Pedro’s soaring solo work takes the breath away. I’ve worked with all of these musicians many times and their ability to surprise and excite me again and again is a joy. The original songs from Ellen and Frank are refreshing and Frank brings an original voice in his arrangement of songs that we all know. So take the time to listen from beginning to end. Take the journey with them and enjoy.

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