July 10, 2024

Philadelphia based guitarist Frank Butrey offers a wide array of techniques, colors and unpredictability on his offering, Malicious Delicious. From stirring sensitivity to romping in-your-face explorations, Butrey is a compelling guitarist and a distinctive composer. Butrey’s tone is certainly all his own, the closest description would be; mix the fiery speed and agility of Pat Martino, the harmonic complexities of Chick Corea, the exploration of sounds and raw bite of Hendrix and the grooving abilities of Carlos Santana and you can start to imagine Frank Butrey, but be prepared – he is certainly all that and more.

Joined by a stellar line-up of players lending their interactive support, the group expertly executes Butrey’s motivic ideas. Tony “Stickman” Wyatt on drums and Clifton Kellem on acoustic and electric bass are a solid rhythm section for Butrey to expound his ideas upon. Butrey is also joined by percussionists Tom Lowery (tracks 3 & 5), Doug “Pablo” Edwards (track 6), Joe Ruscitto (track 3), Leonard “Hub” Hubbard on electric bass formerly of The Roots (track 8), long time collaborator Warren Oree on acoustic bass (track 6), Umar Raheem on soprano sax (track 6) and Greg “Ju Ju” Jones on drums (track 6). Malicious Delicious is a burning CD, one guaranteed to satisfy any guitar aficionado and beyond.

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