July 10, 2024

2010 – Owl Productions

Evoking the timeless composers of the past as well as contemporary tunesmiths, this is an album of tenderness, passion, juxtaposition, humor and love. Brulée, featuring Julie Weiner’s beautiful and iconic vocals and Doug Onstad’s compositions & piano interpretations, leads the listener on a musical journey of unspoken thoughts, warmth and longing from the cafés of Paris to the expansive landscape of the American song.

Brulée has created a breezy and uplifting contribution, truly jazz with a twist. Weiner uses every range of her voice to engage the listener with scatting, top register flights and articulate delivery of witty lyrics. Onstad, also a contributing vocalist to this savory offering, has a familiar and inviting style; the two create a delightful journey with a cavalcade of guest artists. Each cut is accessibly smart and creatively entertaining in a convivial setting, a perfect release to brighten your day and put a skip in your step.

Julie Weiner is a born vocalist who comes from a family of singers and musicians. Julie is also an exceptional dancer and veteran of theater, especially musical comedy, and reveals her love of lyric and melody with captivating tenderness and a heart full of soul. She has a voice that is at once technically spot on and capable of improvisation and searing emotional declaration. Julie has a nearly three octave range and a tone of crystalline clarity, yet deep, sultry resonance in her lower range.

Doug Onstad, who has arranged all of the duo’s piano interpretations, knows how to hold the gorgeous melodies of the pair’s song book in chordal inventions that are at once classic and adventurous. Julie and Doug also perform some of Doug’s own compositions that have grown out of Doug’s love for American music: jazz, rock, classical and R&B.

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