June 14, 2024
Jesse J
Tequila Moon
Peak Records – 2008
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Jesse J joins the ranks of such contemporary female saxophonists as Mindi Abair and Candi Dulfer  with her debut release called TEQUILA MOON. Produced by the amazing Paul Brown, she couldn’t go wrong and as a result, this recording is definitely saying something! Paul and Jesse co-wrote several of the recording’s great songs including the title track, “Sin Ti,” and “Fiesta Velada.”

While her saxophone playing is emphasized mostly throughout, it is her seductively, sweet voice that endears you to her musicality. On “Mas Que Nada” she takes a lighthearted romp through the lyrics before Greg Karukas solos behind the infectious rhythms of Sergio Gonzales and Richie Garcia.  “Bese Me Mucho” offers yet another splendid opportunity for Jesse to display her vocal prowess. Here she lovingly expresses a lover’s wish in subdued hushed tones.

Her voice is fresh and friendly…not overly produced and just right for lovers of smooth jazz. Paul Brown’s genius as a guitarist and producer are on the long list of what makes this CD respectable. But along with the versatility of the musicians, Jesse’s cool tones, her hot saxophone licks and her lovely laid-back vocals and overall sensuality, T

EQUILA MOON is one heck of a debut. I’m lovin’ it! Keep up the great work Jessy!

– Paula Edelstein

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