Wynton Marsalis – He and She

Wynton Marsalis
He and She
Blue Note – 2009
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Wynton Marsalis’ fifth Blue Note release indicates HE AND SHE is about that eternally compelling and most elemental of subjects, the relationship between a man and a woman. However, in the words of Marsalis, it’s about three things: a man, a woman and the relationship they create together (“1+1=3/You, me, and you and me.” This brilliant recording is sequenced as a combination of spoken poems that introduce original jazz waltzes that sway with the same elegance and ease as the metaphors Marsalis uses.

Joined by Walter Blanding on tenor and soprano saxophones, Dan Nimmer on piano, Carlos Henriquez on bass and Ali Jackson on drums, this 22 track marvel is surely one for the ages. The entire CD is an amazing study of genres, tempos, textures, rhythms and grooves that will have you jazzed to your heart’s delight. “The Razor Rim” (a complex song that describes the complexity of a woman) provides  you, dear listeners, with  deep listening opps on which you hear Marsalis and  company play their  hearts out in a collection of tempos defined as Swinging �; Elvin Jones 5/4; Refined burn out 4/4; Swing Modern 4/4 Swing. How heavy is that? Man! “School Boy” a Ragtime Two, New Orleans Two Groove with Modern Swing is pure Marsalis.

These compositions are deep ruminations that we can all relate to: check out Poem on track 11 that leads to “Zero.”  Marsalis’ trumpet weeps, is sorrowful and mourning for a lost love.  He uses rubato, color and textures on this ballad played in � timing to describe his emotions and to convey the story behind the song. The blues, the sophistication of a jazz waltz, deep pensive thoughts, fun, romance and harmonic relationship are all here and beautifully extend themselves on HE AND SHE. Buy HE AND SHE today.

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