Will Downing – Emotions

Will Downing
(GRP – 2003)
by Paula Edelstein

Will Downing offers a songbook filled with great love songs to smooch to with a dance partner, enjoy a cocktail in your favorite lounge, read a book poolside or if you’re really seriously in love…well you know the rest! Emotions definitely sets the record straight that Will Downing is here to stay despite reports that he hasn’t been able to connect with his American audiences! Whoever thought and wrote that hasn’t heard Emotions . Downing’s sexy, soulful phrasings, great songwriting and amazing interpretative skills have all the fundamentals for successful pleasurable delivery.

Downing is right at home on such songs as Aretha Franklin’s “Daydreaming” and Eddie Holman’s major 60s falsetto classic “Hey There Lonely Girl.” The combination of romantic nostalgia with Will Downing’s great voice should make every listener feel even more emotional. As you listen to his sexy baritone voice bring it all back to the forefront, the universality of his appeal makes for very romantic listening. Supporting him in this great endeavor are Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Norman Brown, George Duke and Nicholas Payton who all share their musical gifts with us in a vibrant, energetic yet relaxing way. Best bets: “Anything,” “Riding On A Cloud” “Another Sad Story” – but they’re all good! Buy Emotions today and go for total immersion.

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