Vince Benedetti / Diana Krall – Heartdrops

Vince Benedetti and Diana KrallVince Benedetti
meets Diana Krall
(Montreux Jazz – 2003)
by Ray Redmond

In 1988 Vince Benedetti was living and performing in Switzerland when he first heard an unknown singer named Diana Krall at a hotel bar. Thinking she was just the thing he needed for his group, he asked her to join them for their upcoming European tour. She did, and afterward this CD was recorded but never released. Three years later Krall burst onto the national U.S. scene and became one of the biggest selling jazz artists ever, prompting the release of this hidden gem. Featuring seven original tracks by Benedetti, Diana steals this CD showing the talent and energy that later catapulted her to fame. The duet on Sunshine Express is lilting and hamonious.

Detroit Blues sways and struts with Vince’s funky synth and Diana’s smooth vocals. There’s some nice work by guitarist Martien Oster here as well. Pay particular attention to My Love which is pre-classic Diana; strong and sultry with great piano licks. Two of the tracks are offered in both long and ‘radio edit’ version, so hopefully this great CD will get some air play.