Vayo – Tango

Pantale�n – 2009

Vayo Raimondo is one of only a handful of artists in the history of tango who both writes and sings new music. He also works on other genres, Latin, classical, and world songs. While he sings primarily in Spanish he is equally expressive in English. All of these attributes are spotlighted on his new album Tango.

Vayo’s singing style is smooth and melodic, but also powerful, soulful and dramatic. The album “Tango” relates to urban life. Vayo values the traditions of tango music, the link between his new music and the old tangos is his exclusive use of acoustic instruments. Interacting with musicians who are masters of the tango genre, Vayo inhabits the mood of each theme and develops the drama of the lyrics with a new point of view. Focused on the message, he fashions his singing manner and phrasing to tell the story in the lyrics. He feels that the mood and state of mind of a theme are of outmost importance and that the musical ensemble must also be consistent with what is being expressed.

Vayo Raimondo – vocalist
Miguel Pose – double bass
Julio Cobelli – guitars
Mario Nu�ez – guitars
Edison Bord�n – bandone�n
Toto Damario – bandone�n
Nestor Vaz – bandone�n
Roman Raimondo – drums