Uncle Art – Transmongrified

Uncle Art

transmongrified.jpg (4195 bytes)Officially released on October 31, 1997, Uncle Art, “Transmogrified” is a collection of vampish, instrumental technojazz punctuated by sounds from the Mishawaka Brewing Company kitchen and a Norfolk Southern freight train highballing through Alexander, Illinois. The tunes themselves were written over time from the spring of 1994 to the spring of 1997. The kitchen and train were, of course, recorded at separate times and places.

Uncle Art began as a studio project initiated by David Arthur Seyboldt who says that Uncle Art will be “complete when the last song is heard by the last person for the last time.” The personalized copy we recieved for review included a hand stamped cover and a serial number. The packaging alone is worth the price of admission.

uncleart.jpg (5462 bytes)For more than three years David Seyboldt accumulated music with the intention of someday releasing it to family, friends, acquaintances, and the public at large. Seyboldt then called in a group of Chicago musicians, Bill Boris (Guitar), Peter Ballin (Woodwinds) and Rafe Bradford (Basses), to enhance the Uncle Art project. The result is an interesting, uptempo jazz mix that holds your interest.

Unfortunately, the only place to get a copy is at one or two Chicago-area record shops or directly through Beezwax Enterprises, and the price ($15.80) is not bargain basement. But… each copy is hand stamped and personalized. The big question…is it worth it? We would say yes. Musically, Uncle Art is a cut above your average local do-it-yourself-album.

For more information contact BeezWax Enterprises, Box 4816, Elkhart, IN 46514-0816.

Visit the Uncle Art Website.