U.O. Project – I’ts Time For U

U.O. Project
I’ts Time For U
U.O. – 2010

Ulysses Owens is best known currently as Christian McBrides touring drummer, but U.O. has a new project of his own. “When I first begin to conceptualize what I wanted to record for my debut project, the first thought that came to my head was presenting material that everyone would identify with.” he says. ” I didn’t want to create music that catered to one particular audience. I believe the way to unite people to listen to great music, is to have one strand that unites us all.”

Owens continues “Simple melodies, subtle harmonic complexities, a great groove are all qualities that I believe will cause people to listen to your music with open ears, and with ease. I want those who purchase this CD to sit back and have an experience, that involves enjoyment of the compositions with no other challenge but to be open to musical statement I am trying to make. Most of my peers tend to be more focused in their creativity on composing something for either their own artistic pursuits, other musicians, or to make a point of how great they are. I want to bring music back to its original purpose, and that’s for people to escape through the music, and have inspiration to approach life with more vigor, and purpose.”