Two Rooms

Nicky the Jazz Cat Carol Friedman
(Dominick Books, $16.95)
by Matthew S. Robinson

Nicky is a small black cat who was adopted by New York photographer Carol Friedman. Though the idea of a cat walking into the frame in the middle of a shoot might trouble some, few of Friedman’s clients could resist the charms of this little bundle of fur. Today, Nicky is a regular subject of Friedman’s photographs. In this rhyme-filled book, Nicky hangs with some of his most musical friends, among whom are such legends as Lena Horne, Gerry Mulligan and Lionel Hampton. Nicky The Jazz CatEven uber-producer Quincy Jones gets in on the jazzy act! With its accompanying CD of Jazz classics, Nicky’s first book is a perfect gift for any music fan or any parent who wants to introduce their children to the wonders of music with the help of a cute little friend.

Various Artists
Nicky’s Jazz for Kids

by Matthew S. Robinson

Featuring the timeless talents of Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller, this album is a great introduction to the wonders of Jazz for any age. But with songs like the magically nonsensical “Kee-Mo, Ky-Mo” and the satisfying “Chew Chew Chew,” it is especially well suited for the younger set. Peggy Lee’s “Doodlin’ Song,” Louis Amstrong’s “Ten Feet of the Ground,” and Louis Prima’s “The Music Goes ŒRound and Around” introduce many musical terms and even a bit of history in fun and easily singable ways while Cab Calloway’s “Everybody Eats” is filled with delicious rhymes. From well-known children’s favorites like “Three Blind Mice” and “A Tisket, A Tasket” to older folks’ fare like “Jeepers Creepers” and the good-hearted tease “Your Feet’s Too Big,” this jazzy collection offers lots of fun for everyone.

© 2003, M. S. Robinson, ARR