Tony Marcus – Vanishing Point

Tony Marcus
Vanishing Point
Tuxedo Records

Vanishing Point, the new CD of original songs from California composer and guitarist Tony Marcus, spans many musical pathways, but offers a singular message of jazz flavorings. “That Summer” is a dreamy waltz that paints a musical picture of Parisian nights coupled with a story of lost love, while “Miss Pizazz” sounds like a backroom session at an after hours club in Kansas City in 1938. “Inevitability” takes us on a swaying bossa nova of classic sound with a call and answer saxophone ala Stan Getz.

While “Devotional” offers well conceived lyrics and a unique sensitivity towards romantic melody “The Odd Get Even” combines a humorous storyline with a Django-esque vibe. The lyric sensibility that goes with these tunes harkens back to a time when listeners not only wanted to understand the words, but when they expected writers to exhibit a level of verbal skill and cleverness difficult to find in these times of bombast and sonic overkill. Each cut reflects a humanistic viewpoint (if a somewhat dark one in places), whatever the musical style employed.

Some of the west coast’s finest players lent their talents to Vanishing Point. Acoustic and electric Bassist Rene Worst of Vancouver BC is an amazing groove master in any musical style. Seattle accordionist Nova Devonie previously lent her talents to the feminist cowgirl sounds of Ranch Romance, and here provides just the right touch of French musette to “That Summer” and a twisted Farfisa-ish sound to “Vanishing Point.” Jeff Sanford on tenor saxophone and David Rokeach on drums both make outstanding contributions as well.