Tony Adamo’s Funky Jazz is Feverish Kool

The songs “Nine Miles of Blu” and “Qbafrica” have been trading spots on the top 25 jazz charts at for the last 150 days. Tony Adamo’s “Nine Miles of Blu” is produced by legendary drummer, Mike Clark, of Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters fame. “Nine Miles of Blu” has not dropped out of the top ten in over 150 days and has gone #1 three different times in three months.

“Nine Miles of Blu” is currently at # 4 with Alfredo Rodriguez’s song “Qbafrica,” produced by the legendary producer Quincy Jones, at #3 on the top 25 jazz chart. Alfredo Rodriguez more than lives up to all the hype on his Mack Avenue Records debut. He has the chops, musicianship and jazz coolness to go all the way.

Soul jazz artist/songwriter, Tony Adamo, was discovered by drummer Mike Clark. Clark has been called “the most sampled drummer in hip hop.” His beats have been used on tracks by musicians NWA, Grandmaster Flash, Britney Spears, Prince, and many others.

Mike Clark describes Adamo’s original music as “Oaktown Funk and New York throw down meets vocal/hipspokenword. So ladies and gents, dig these two new artists. The groove is here.

Frank Black, DoubleLeft Hook Productions, NYC