Tom Teasley – Global Standard Time

Tom Teasley
Global Standard Time
R. Redmond

Tom Teasley - Global Standard TimeTom Teasley’s third solo album is an electric, eclectic blending of world percussions and rhythms with legendary tunes and innovative approaches to playing ethnic instruments. Classic compositions by the likes of Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane have been re-arranged to give them a purely organic, modern rhythmic feel. This collection does not always stay entirely within the ‘common’ boundaries that a lot of jazz lovers tend to expect. The combined use of classical guitar and trombone with more esoteric instruments (like the bansuri flute) wafts you back and forth from airy ambience to jazzy riffs to driving rhythms, and back. This is an interesting and varied production if you take the time to listen. Definitely not for jazz the purists of the world.

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