Tina Lear – The Road Home

The Road Home
Tina Lear
(RedHot Records – 2001)
by Carmen Miller

Tina Lear has a very different vocal style. Her actual sound is vaguely reminiscent of Riki Lee Jones or Phobe Snow at times… Either you like or you hate it. Her delivery and emotion remind me very much of Nancy King. Unlike some of the other contemporary female vocalist / keyboardists, Tina’s style is jazz-vocal bordering on folk music (since jazz is indigenous to America, isn’t it a form of folk music anyway?)

“Flying Solo” is a smooth and simple yet jazzy piece. “Raise Your Voice” never gets loud, rather it’s sinuous mix of afro-cuban rhythms and vocal stylings grabs you from behind. Then on “The Village Is Ours” Tina jumps out at you with a big-band vocal piece, showing her range. “Buy It Now” is a moment of complete lunacy, but the rest of the CD is a mellow, pleasant experience.