Tierney Sutton Band – On the Other Side

Tierney Sutton Band
On the Other Side
(Telarc – 2007)
by Matthew Robinson

For there to be happiness, there must also be pain. All emotions have two sides.

On her latest CD, Berklee-trained vocalist Tierney Sutton explores all of the multiple facets of happiness. In between two very different versions of “Get Happy” (one dark and brooding, the other up and peppy) and a pair of renditions of “Happy Days Are Here Again” (one swings, the other swoops) are a smart selection of songs most of which relate to Man’s ultimate meotional goal. While “You Are My Sunshine” creeps over the horizon on Christian Jacob’s brightening piano, “Sometimes I’m Happy” bounces off of Ray Brinker‘s slender drumsticks and Kevin Axt and Trey Henry‘s slippery bass.

Adding to the mostly merry moody mix is guest vocalist/trumpeter Jack Shedlon who contributes uncouth compliments to Sutton’s sexy songlines. Though in the middle of things, Sutton comes to the gentle conclusion that she is “Glad to Be Unhappy,” she closes with Charlie Chaplin’s musical advice to “Smile” no matter what side of life you are facing.

Tierney Sutton will perform at Scullers February 21, 2007.

©2006 Matthew S. Robinson ARR