The Jazz Discography – Complete Jazz Reference

The Jazz Discography
100 Years of Jazz
by S.H. Watkins, Sr.

The JAZZ Discography books have been a resource for serious jazz writers, record buyers and collectors for over 10 years. We recently had an opportunity to review the newly released CD/PC based version and it’s really overwhelming! Are you looking for a specific jazz record or CD? It’s probably listed. Do you want to find everything ever recorded by a particular bandleader or musician? They’re probably listed. Want to know who played with whom, and when? Want to find who’s recorded a particular tune? Looking for sidemen in a particular band? Yes… it’s all there and more. There’s no doubt that you will be getting more information in our stories as a result of this great resource.

The user interface is easy to understand and use, and the search engine brings the results back quickly. The current information set contains the equivalent of the 18,500 pages of printed volumes 1-31 and covers over 100 years of recorded jazz. The information here details 136,263 recording sessions and more than 1.5 million musician and tune entries! The Cd comes with a free online update and the producers are working on CD-ROM version 4.4, scheduled for release in September 2003. In a word, this reference guide is comprehensive… that’s what makes it the world’s largest, most complete catalog of recorded jazz. For more information visit the Jazz Discography Web Site.