Synergy – Barcodes


(VN Media – 2001)
by Raymond Redmond

The Synergy Quartet is an award-winning, contemporary jazz/progressive rock collective combining elements of many other styles (blues, funk, latin, experimental, odd meters) and influences. This Jazz/Fusion release is a breath of fresh air in todays world of smooth jazz wannabe’s. Prowl kicks it off in classic Crusaders style. Tripod is a mellow guitar-centric tune that brings Pat Martino to mind. Double Standards and Bar Codes lean toward the Pat Metheny Camp, very acoustic with a lot of strumming.

Change of Plans slows it down and stretches out just a bit with some sweet Sax riffs and a nice guitar chord happening throughout, although it’s a bit on the airy side. Recon pull back a little with some very staccato horns and choppy guitar accompaniment, giving it an almost samba/march-like quality in places. Perspective again features strong guitar lines, leaning into the smooth jazz arena a little bit. Habit, the last and longest of the tracks infuses some elements of the rock world, almost like a Steely Dan tune. This CD is a refreshing change of pace and a sure bet for your collection.