Steve Lipman – Ridin’ The Beat

Ridin’ The Beat is Steve Lipman’s second release. Despite the fact that his first album,There’s a Song in my Heart, received numerous favorable critics’ reviews, and radio airplay across the globe, Steve will always consider it his proverbial “first”.  “Man that was my initial go at it in the studio and I was green as the grass that grows. It was no time for egos; truly I had a lot to learn! Kind of like being in grade school all over again. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a group of superbly talented individuals, notably engineer/producer Rod Warner and arranger/musician Dan Prindle. Both men helped me immeasurably, in finding my soul in this business and honing my craft.”

On Ridin’ The Beat, Steve Lipman, took all that he learned in his first effort and reached for the stars. From its inception, Steve desired an album in the truest sense. Instead of simply laying down a string of unrelated and disconnected tracks so common in many of today’s pop projects, Steve Lipman wanted Ridin’ The Beat to be different. He wanted Ridin’ The Beat to have a soul. It needed to communicate that elemental human essence, the inner drive and emotions that define exactly who we are. It needed to be subtle and caress the thoughts, to allow each listener to creatively extract a personal understanding.

To achieve this goal, Steve carefully selected each great American classic. Notable composers including Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Johnny Mercer, Richard Rogers, Lorenzo Hart and Cole Porter, are represented here. Through the strong arrangements by Dan Prindle, and the terrific jazz talent of Stephen Page, Josh Evans, Bryan Kelly, Doug Lang and Rene Gonzalez, the music becomes alive and contemporary. It gives Lipman something truly special to sink his teeth into. Yes, some of these tunes ring comfortably familiar, yet others awaken the listener to something truly unique and groundbreaking. All of this, combined with the musical genius of producer and engineer Rod Warner, makes Ridin’ The Beat truly a fulfillment of Steve Lipman’s goal. Without a doubt, Ridin’ The Beat has a soul, it’s a tale all so human, filled with a comfortable familiarity.

So go ahead, pour yourself something nice. Imagine yourself seated in some swank jazz club, the anticipation growing as the show is about to start. The lights dim and they take the stage as a hush encompasses the room. Now you’re ready. Sit back and enjoy,  Ridin’ The Beat!


Steve Lipman – vocals

Dan Prindle – bass

Bryan Kelly – drums

Stephan Page – piano

Josh Evans – trumpet

Doug Lang – saxophone, clarinet, flute

Rene Gonzalez – percussion

Rod Warner – percussion