Spyro Gyra – Wrapped in a Dream

Spyro GyraSpyro Gyra
Wrapped in a Dream
(Heads Up – 2006)
by Barry Johnson

Just when you thought Spyro Gyra had recorded their final album and fallen off the face of the earth… guess what? They’re baaaaaaaaack.

Your hearing it first: Spyro Gyra has no plans of calling it quits any time soon.

In almost 30 years of existence, this might be the closest Spyro Gyra has ever come to hip-hop. Over the course of 25 albums, there’s been lots of smooth jazz, Latin jazz, pop jazz and even some improvised jazz, but little, if any, vocal jazz or hip-hop.

Could a new day be dawning? Has the band that brought us “Morning Dance” finally be shedding smooth for rough? Or, has Spyro Gyra returned to its grittier R&B roots? You decide after listening to “After The Storm.”

This energetic album offers up a mixture of funk, blues, Latin, and traditional jazz sounds with a contemporary edge. Among the album’s 12 tracks are such tunes as the lead-off song “Spyro Time,” “TheVoodooyoodoo,” “After The Storm,” “Walkin’ Home,” “Impressions Of Madrid,” and “Woogitybop.”

The lead song, “Spyro Time” is classic Spyro Gyra led by Jay playing gracefully on alto sax and having some great interchanges with Julio’s guitar harmonies.

Wrapped in a Dream is a very enjoyable project, which should appeal to a diverse audience, just like their live performances do. I highly recommend it… to all those casual fans this should broaden your musical scope and be very appealing. For someone who has not heard Spyro Gyra’s music, then this is the perfect CD to introduce you to them.