Sophisticated Ladies – A True Story

The album is called A True Story because the music and stories told, reflect the true personality and life experiences of the Ladies . As life is diverse, so is the music, the instrumentation and the atmospheres created.

What makes this offering special is; all the Ladies sing and each musician is given space to tell her personal story. There are two instrumental tracks, five tracks with Rachael on lead vocals and one track where Nolwenn, Emily and Valerie sing the lead. The ladies share their melancholy as well as their “joie de vivre.”

They begin with “The Lady is a Tramp” as a presentation of the main characters and proceed with “Sophisticated Lady” to reveal more personality. They then share moments of life with “Autumn Leaves,” “You Go To My Head,” “Segment,” “Gone With the Wind” and “Insensatez” always varying the atmosphere through a rich mix influences going from Swing to Cuban Bolero to Indian Bansuri. The final track, “Dansez sur Moi” is a celebration of life and an invitation to dance with the warmth of Samba, which leaves the auditor feeling good. Truly a warm and inviting release, the way jazz was meant to be shared.

The Sophisticated Ladies are four women from around the globe who came together to share their love of Jazz and it’s tradition of mixing cultures. With their fresh enthusiasm and passion for music the Ladies breathe new life into the works of our most beloved composers.  They share as if each cut were personal life stories both with great emotion and a light-heart; the emotion and message of each song shines through perfectly.

From swing to cha cha cha, there is something in it for everyone. The Sophisticated Ladies do not tailor their music for the elite listener, but enjoy sharing the beauty and fun of jazz with everyone. The more the merrier and they have enough good energy to go around.ia, China, and in California.