Slimpocket – Live @ McGanns

SlimpocketLive @ McGanns
Boston – August 7, 2009
Matt Robinson

“Let me tell you a story.” … So began the two-fisted lyrical attack at the front of Boston-area- based “4 R” band Slimpocket. Mxing Rock, Reggae, Rap and R&B, the talented sextet offered a wide range of sounds and styles that occasionally mashed but most of mixed quite nicely.

Combining drug references with heartfelt explorations of love and loss, from the chimey Rick James-ian “One” and the Derringer-meets-DMC mix of “Dollars” to the melodic rap-topped metal of “Listen,” the repetitive dance hall dance cal of “Gimme What You Got” and the romantic “Reflection,” the band pulled a lot of influences out of their (slim) pocket while keeping the groove deep in it.


The Slimpocket “story” had many diverse chapters but it is one that warrants further reading.