Sherry Winston – For Your Love

Sherry Winston
For Your Love
Sherry Winston – 2009
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Sherry Winston’s latest offering continues with the love themes she shared on previous recordings. For Your Love is a splendid collection of original songs and covers of such favorites as Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl,” (on which Sherry  samples Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You Baby”) and Sting’s “Roxanne.”  

The lovely flautist’s sixth recording dares her fans to immerse themselves in the exciting and exotic sounds heard on “Carribean Nites” “Overboard” and the beautiful  title track “For Your Love.” The soulful vocals of  Lori Anne Williams and Timmy Maia make this song a true keeper and their vision of Sherry’s title song is immaculate. For Your Love is by far one of Winston’s best recordings and a tribute to the loving, creative spirit that inhabits all of her recordings. Jazz flute is simply one of the prettiest sounds you’ll ever hear when played by a master and Sherry Winston is definitely a master. Joined by such luminaries as Phil Hamilton on guitar, Tyger Macneal on drums, Nick Bariluk on keyboards, Steve Clarke on bass, Dennis Hightower and Van Gibbs, among others, Sherry is in her element – one that is warm, inviting and stylish.

Sherry dusts off  “My Funny Valentine” and makes it shine with updated contemporary jazz flute voicings.  This is one great rendition of this favorite American Songbook standard and you’re sure to enjoy how Sherry and her band make it their own. As the record proceeds to a close, the reverent “My Silent Prayer” leaves you with a feeling of peace and serenity that is enhanced by the emotional tones of Winston’s flute voicings. “Sherry Love,” the closing track is an upbeat composition that will have you feeling real good and wondering when Sherry and her band are coming your way!

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