Sheila E. – Writes of Passage

Writes of Passage
Sheila E.
(Concorde Vista – 2000)
by Paula Edelstein

WRITES OF PASSAGE is awesome! Sheila Escovedo’s debut for the Concord Vista label marks her long-awaited return to recording as a leader and believe me, it’s well worth the wait. Sheila E.’s smooth instrumentals, lead vocals and wide variety of musical influences all come together on 11 great songs that exude her R&B, funk, jazz, pop and gospel styles all wrapped in a Latin vibe! Great songs that express some very serious grooves, funk and excellent stretch opps for the E Train, exemplify this great recording and if you listen closely, you can really hear the love! Produced by Sheila E, the entire band contributed to this set with original compositions and with a groove that is right on track! One really beautiful song, “Rite To Paradise” was written by Sheila’s brother, Peter Michael Escovedo who is backed by bassist Alex Al. Together, they work a really great song that should become a real hit for the group. Their chemistry is great.

Accompanied by The E Train: her brother, drummer Peter Michael Escovedo, keyboardist Renato Neto, bassist Marc Van Wageningen, saxophonist Eric Leeds and special guest, jazz guitarist Ray Obiedo, Sheila E. jams on original songs recorded during the course of a week and half, sings lead vocals and just has a great time with great musicians. From explosive percussion solos on “Rituals” to her gentle vocals on “N Perfect Time,” Sheila’s WRITES OF PASSAGE, tell a different story about the many different experiences we go through in life. So listen up, Ms. E. is back and having big fun! Keep in touch with her happenings at

Hot picks: “Passing Through” “Writes of Passage” “Truth” “Rite To Paradise”