Sean Jones – The Search Within

Sean Jones
The Search Within
Mack Avenue – 2009
Sounds of Timeless Jazz

THE POWER WITHIN, Sean Jones’ fifth recording for Mack Avenue Records, is a superb example of the young trumpeter’s growth and musical personality. The 12 songs which capture the essence of what he terms as “reflections of his life”  are inspired by thoughts and desires that have brought him to his current destination on the jazz music scene. The program opens with “The Search Within,” as a pensive prelude that sets the tone for the entire recording. It is as beautiful as it is mysterious, setting the stage for the unknown journey we as listeners are about to embark on within Sean’s soul. “Transitions” is an up-tempo swinger with Jones’ out front trading places with alto saxophonist Brian Hogans that suggests the various changes one experiences in transitions.


His exhilarating trumpet blasts are answered by drummer Obed Calvaire before Hogans brings the tempo to an easy pace that allows the members to reach another destination. Two songs inspired by the poet/philosopher Kalil Gibran – “The Ambitious Violet” and “The Storm” – show the versatility of Jones as a composer. The first being a quiet ballad and the latter being a tumultuous display of technical agility in all registers. “The Search Within” reappears as an interlude before we hear “Summer’s Spring” on which Jones plays the flugelhorn with a groove line that definitely pops.  “Sunday Reflections” gives the listener those same happy feelings that you have when you’re out in nature and among people that feel good too. “Love’s Lullaby” is another beauty that seems to call your lover’s name and is filled with passion and emotion that compels you to keep listening. “The Search Within” postlude ends the set with a feeling of completeness and gratitude.


Overall, Sean Jones and company have delivered a wonderful recording filled with great improvisations, soloing and technical agility. Jones truly deserves a place among the great trumpeters of his generation.

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