Scott Cossu – When Spirits Fly

Scott Cossu

When Spirits Fly

The August 1998 release of When Spirits Fly is f

ar more than pianist Scott Cossu’s first release in more than six years. It means far more to Cossu than merely the start of another phase of his career at a new label (Miramar Records.) When Spirits Fly is indeed a “comeback. Iin this case, a return from a serious injury that not only nearly cost Cossu his career, but also nearly cost him his life.

In 1989, riding high on the crest of a musical career that placed him among the vanguard of the New Age artists defining that genre throughout the 1980’s, Cossu was struck by a car while crossing the street in Los Angeles, resulting in multiple facial and skull fractures, blindness in his right eye, paralysis in his right hand, severe brain trauma and amnesia. Following a brief coma and six months in therapy, Cossu fought back to recover not only his memory and mobility but his musical instincts and creative flair. The results can be heard on When Spirits Fly, his debut for Seattle-based Miramar Records.

When Spirits Fly is Cossu’s ninth release in a recording career that has resulted in sales of over half a million units of his own recordings, as well as his participation in twenty Windham Hill compilations, various film and television scores, and a national Volkswagon commercial. This new release reunites Cossu with long-time associates guitarist Van Manakas and percussionist Scott Vomvolakis, and features appearances by saxophonist Justo Almario and violinist Willie Royal.

This CD is dedicated to the feeling of letting your spirit go, of enjoying each moment as deeply as you can,” says Cossu. “That’s the sort of feeling I have toward life at this point. My spirits arc flying high just about every day.

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