Sasha’s Bloc – Melancholy

Formed in 2012 by bassist, Alexander Gershman, Sasha’s Bloc is an electric mix of musicians focused on the revival of the jazz culture of the 1920’s and 30’s, combined with adaptation of modern jazz original compositions. All 50 live performances at the finest clubs in LA have been sold out events resurrecting the spirit and greatness of the American Jazz Classics.

Sasha’s Bloc debut release Melancholy is filled with original songs written by Alexander Gershman and Carina Cooper, the  young talented vocalist, and recorded in collaboration with some of the finest and most renowned jazz musicians the world has offer such as: Brandon Fields (saxophone), Lenni Castro (percussion), Herman Jackson (piano), Mark Cargill (violin), Nahum Zdybel (guitar), Bob McChesney (trombone), Will Wheaton (vocals), Adam “Aejaye” Jackson (vocals).

  1. I’m So In Love (feat. Adam “Aejaye” Jackson & Carina Cooper) 3:33
  2. Let’s Dance Together (feat.Caria Cooper & Mark Cargill) 4:53
  3. Melancholy (feat. Maxayn Lewis & Brandon Fields) 3:54
  4. Playful Blues (feat. Will Wheaton, Joe DiBlasi & Herman Jackson) 4:47
  5. Rancho State Of Mind (feat. Carina Cooper, Adam Jackson & Lenny Castro) 4:19
  6. Joke (feat.Alexander Gershman & Carina Cooper) 3:11
  7. Paradise (feat.Lenny Castro, Brandon Fields & Carina Cooper) 4:12
  8. Universal Swing (feat.Carina Cooper) 2:30
  9. Someone Real (feat. Carina Cooper) 3:27
Sasha’s Bloc is…

  • Alex Gershman (bass)
  • Sergey Chipenko (piano)
  • Herman Jackson (piano)
  • Brandon Fields (saxophone)
  • Bob McChesney (trombone)
  • Nahum Zdybel (guitarist)
  • Mark Cargill (violin)
  • Kevin Winard (drums)
  • Lenni Castro (percussion)
  • Carina Cooper (vocals)
  • Peggi Blu (vocals)
  • AJ Adam Jackson (vocals)
  • Will Wheaton (vocals)

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