Romero – Cuban Jazz Funk

Cuban Jazz Funk
(Alafia Music – 2001)
by Ray Redmond

On this sizzling CD Romero comes at you with a sound that’s not in your face… it’s in your ear with a passion! Citizen of the World is a slow-funky piece featuring a sexy sax melody reminiscent of Gary Bartz in the 70’s. Descarga Palmieri is more uptempo, hammering keyboards for the bass, mad congas carrying the rhythm and again Larry Jackson’s expressive sax overlaying everything.

In the Moment brings it down again. Slow strings open the track, chased by haunting horns and building percussion. After reaching a semi-peak and descending to a mere rattle-shake, Romero brings it back in slowly and sensuously carrying you gracefully and soulfully along to the conclusion. Sieston also starts of slow and smooth, building as it goes. More of a romantic tone than the previous tunes it features some creative bass work in the background.

Sunrise is my personal favorite here, and you’ll understand why when you hear the clip. Strong piano lines from Miguel Romero start and carry this track. Once again it features Jackson’s sweet stylings on the melody and a great supporting cast. The strength of this track is the beauty of the composition and the interpretation.

Romero ends this release with Zorro’s Rollercoaster – another rollicking, uptempo ride on the Cuban Jazz Funk Express. The horn/piano duos are crisp and tight, and Miguel let’s go on the keyboards this time, giving us a longer sweeter piano solo than anywhere else on the CD. This is one of the best all-around CD’s I’ve heard this year! I LOVE it, so will you.