Richard Galliano Septet – Piazzolla Forever

Richard Galliano SeptetRichard Galliano Septet
Piazzolla Forever
(Dreyfus – 2003)
by Paula Edelstein

After witnessing the very impressive performance of PIAZZOLLA FOREVER by Richard Galliano and his Septet at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal recently, it was readily apparent that the master accordion/bandoneon player and composer would be asked to document this sensational tribute to Astor Piazzolla. Recorded live at Jazz Festival Willisau, CH Willisau (LU) in August 29, 2002, his avenues of expression reach beyond the audiences present for that sensational 2002-2003 world tour. This is Galliano’s ninth recording for Dreyfus Jazz and is certainly one of his grandest. Galliano has re-arranged 10 of Piazzolla’s classic compositions for a new generation. He has brilliantly brought new life “Le Quartre Saisons De Buenos Aires,” “Libertango,” and “Milonga Del Angel,” by adding a string quartet in place of Piazzolla’s exquisite guitar sections and of course his lovely inspirations for accordion and bandoneon and piano.

Joined by Jean Marc Phillips-Varjabedian, Herve Sellin, Jean Marc Apap, Lyonel Schmit, Stephane Logerot, Raphael Pidoux, Henri Demarquette and Sebastian Surel, Richard Galliano captures the spirit, creativity and theme of Piazzolla’s music. Re-live the excitement with this splendid “live” performance of PIAZZOLLA FOREVER.

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