Renee Rosnes and the Danish Radio Big Band

Clark Terry & Max RoachRenee Rosnes
and the Danish Radio Big Band
(Bluenote – 2003)
by John Thompson

There is awesome music here. Pianist Renee Rosnes is know for displaying technique, touch, sensitivity, melodic and solo prowess. Rosnes will remain on the jazz scene for as long as she wants due to her enourmous skills. On this release, the 19-piece Danish Radio Big Band accompanies Rosnes. Not bad to play with a Big Band that once included guest artists Miles Davis, Joe Henderson, Stan Getz, and was awarded a Grammy in 1984 and nominations in 2001 and 2002. The great Thad Jones was a former Chief Conductor, with the honors now given to Jim McNeely. The music is a throwback to artists such as the Oliver Nelson big band, whose style of music was used in many 1960’s movies and television scores like Batman and The Green Hornet. Here, the music is fresh and exciting and the Band is tight. The beauty of this combination is that neither the Band nor Rosnes oversteps the other.

I’m not too crazy about the guitar being present, but it’s a minor distraction for me. Throughout the entire CD, Rosnes is her usual brilliant self, and I’d like to see the Danish Big Band invade the American jazz market the way The Beatles invaded the rock music market. This is a unique release that will reach the Big Band-Classical audience. 4-1/2 stars.