Ramsey Lewis Trio – Time Flies

Ramsey LewisRamsey Lewis Trio
Time Flies
(Narada Jazz – 2004)
by Matt Robinson

With three Grammy awards and seven gold albums in his five-decade career, pianist/composer/producer Ramsey Lewis has done a lot! On his latest album – the smartly titled “Time Flies” – Lewis takes a look back at his illustrious career and the wide array of influences that contributed to it.

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From the Don Coastas-esque tinklings of “Second Thoughts” to the firmly handled classical themes of Brahms’ “Poco Allegretto from Symphony #3 in F Major” and Bach’s “Air from Suite #3” to the Gospel spirits of a Hammond-swirled “Wade in the Water,” Lewis demonstrates his talents in a variety of styles. And while Lewis’ meddling with his own classic “The In Crowd” may be unnecessary, he is almost able to give “Midnight at the Oasis” some real Jazz cred. Such is the mark of a true master!

© 2004, M. S. Robinson, ARR