Quincy Jones – Ultimate Collection

Quincy Jones Quincy Jones
Ultimate Collection

(Hip-O – 2002)
by Matthew S. Robinson

OK, Q, who are you trying to kid? Where is “Quintessence” or “Soul Bossa Nova” or great themes like “Ironside” and “The Streetbeater” or even “Call Me Mr. Tibbs”? Sure, this might be the best of your post-Soul (and greatly post-soul) Pop years, but those are all available on other collections! If this is your “ultimate” collection, shouldn’t it be the last word on your career? I know that’s a tall order, Quince, but really – A track from Tamia and TWO offerings from Tevin Campbell? With all the great stuff you’ve got, that’s two too many!

A solo (“Just Once”) and duet (“Baby Come to Me”) track from James Ingram would even be pushing it, were it not for the fact that the duet is with Patti Austin (who gets her own pair of solo slots to boot!). On the other hand, you do have stuff from Ray and Chaka (“I’ll Be Good To You”) and Ashford and Simpson (“Stuff Like That”). So I guess you got some good stuff, Q, just not good enough to warrant the lofty title.

©2002, M. S. Robinson, ARR