Putamayo Kids Presents – Jazz Playground

Putamayo Kids Presents
Jazz Playground
Putamayo – 2009

Over the last century, jazz has traveled around the world and influenced musicians in even the most remote corners of the earth. Jazz Playground demonstrates how artists in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania have adopted jazz and made it their own.

Featuring a new, colorful storybook-style booklet and glossary- of rivu-sical terms, Jazz Ptayground pairs sophisticated sounds with kid-friendly lyrics. “Mary Had a Little Lamb” gets a jazzy new twist in the hands of New York City-based Israeli saxophonist and jazz educator Oran Etkin and Brooklynite Charanee Wade, while American artist Barbara Morrison delivers a smooth and cool version of the British classic “Sing a Song of Sixpence.”

On “Oyatsu No Jikan,” Japan’s Modern Conya celebrates sharing at snack time and Latin artist Jose Conde offers the irresistible sing-along “Cumbamba.” Gui Tavares brings his Brazilian bossy nova/jazz crossover sound to “Dois Meninos” and Australian bands Kinderjazz and The Mighty Buzzniks infuse their songs with loads of fun and humor from the land down under. Bringing the album back to the original home of jazz, New Orleans-born artists Ingrid Lucia closes with the classic song “This Little Light of Mine.” Jazz Playground also features songs by South African-born artist Selloane (featured on Broadway in The Lion King), French band Triocephale, acoustic jazz combo Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats, Canadian musician Chris McKhool and Dutch band Trapperdetrap.

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