Poncho Sanchez – Live @ Scullers

Poncho SanchezPoncho Sanchez Live @ Scullers
(Boston – May 20, 2004)
by Matthew Robinson

The crowded stage reverberated with percussion as legendary conguera Pancho Sanchez dropped his tape-wrapped bombs on his custom skins. Toasting to the audience with the rousing rallying cry of “¡Sabor!” Sanchez and his talented team brought a variety of flavors to the Scullers stage. From the smooth bluesey tenor of Hartman and Coltrane’s “You Are Too Beautiful” to the Scullers Jazz multi-tempoed explorations of “Afro-Cuban Fantasy” to the Soul-ful strut of James Brown’s “Out of Sight” (which happens to be the title track from Sanchez’s star-studded new album), the band mixed diverse instrumentation and tight vocal harmonies that enriched their layered brass and rhythmic sounds. By the end of the set, Sanchez had more than the congas in the palms of his hands. And even in the crowded room, some fans found room to dance!

© 2004, M. S. Robinson, ARR